Wax It! Restorer and Scratch Remover for Waxed and Pull up Leathers

$ 22.95

The most beautiful leathers are often also the most delicate. You spent a small fortune on the highest quality, aniline dyed waxed leather. It looks stunning and inviting. After a while the wax starts to wear off and the rich sheen is replaced with a dull, worn out look. Sometimes, pets scratch it up or children decide to draw on it with their fingernails.

Don't worry, those scratched in pictures of happy faces, trees, names and other murals are not permanent. Use Wax It! to massage them away magically.

Here is what some of our customers say:

Krlwl: I used another product on a leather chair and managed to spill it, which took some of the polish off of the chair. I tried to repair with a second product, and only made it worse. I contacted this seller, and asked him whether he felt another product he was advertising would help. He asked for pictures of the chair, and after he received them he said he thought that that product would be too easily absorbed at this point, and recommended Wax It. Wax It worked beautifully! It helped to restore the finish, and it evened out the coloring of this very neglected leather chair. It was very easy to use. You just apply a little of it, rub it in, then shine it after it has dried. It dried fairly quickly, and shined beautifully when polished. It is not sticky or slippery, and does not have a strong odor the way the other cleaners did. The entire chair just required about an eigth of the bottle, so, though it seems expensive, it was truly worth it. I would recommend this to anyone, without reservations.

Tommy: Great product, Covered up all cracks in my 15 yr old leather furniture.
Highly recommend this product... My furniture looks new again!

Mike: I really like this product. I bought some old top quality leather furniture with Sorensen Water Buffalo leather. Some of the leather is so thrashed from pets being allowed to sleep on the cushions over many years, it will have to be replaced. The rest I have restored using Aniline Dye (you normally cannot dye over waxed leather, but this leather was very neglected), Leather MD, and Wax It to rewax the finish. Looks great!


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