European Leather Restorer - One Step Cleaner and Conditioner

$ 39.95

You care about your fine leather goods as much as we do. This is what we use on our own furniture and car interiors to keep them clean and soft. When you use European Leather Restorer you can be sure that your leather is getting the very best oils, made especially for leather. The idea behind this formulation is to be neutral. You can use it on White, Black, Brown or any other color leather with confidence that it will leave it looking and feeling refreshed and clean. No short cuts with solvents and silicone here. Just the healthy oils that leather needs to stay soft.

Why is it called European Leather Restorer? It is formulated for the finest leathers that are produced in Europe and the ingredients in our Conditioner are from Europe. The best ingredients for the best leathers.

Here is what our customers say!

Sue: Bought this for our car seats; liked it so much that I then used it on my leather recliner. Wow! It did a super job! I also cleaned my leather shoes, and now they look great

Skott: Anyone with leather to restore will like this. Price was also reasonable. Seems to leave no residue and even worked on my 20 year old boots, that have not seen leather conditioner in probably eighteen years. The leather looks great, now I just need to fix the soles.

C-POP: "I have light cream leather furniture and was concerned about using products on it that could change the color. The first time I used the product I was amazed at how well it cleaned. Does not leave any weird sheen on the leather and I am really pleased with the outcome." I have been using this product for over 4 years on my furniture and have been very happy with the results.

Annie: This product masked the deep scratches caused by a cat in a brown leather couch and sofa. The the cream works by smoothing and protecting. I was really pleased with the results.

And hundreds more from satisfied customers....

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