About Us

We are two generations of leather care and restoration specialists and product developers.

We offer more than 45 years of experience in restoring leather on furniture and fixtures, jackets, purses and car interiors. Our fine-skilled craftsmanship was attained in Europe. Since 1982 the expertise of our specialists has been requested by tens of thousands of private and commercial clients in Europe, US and around the world.

Our portfolio includes performing restoration service for and offering leather care products to cruise ships, luxury hotels and spas, museums, automobile dealerships and detailers, interior design and upholstery firms, furniture stores, law and other professional offices and thousands of satisfied private customers.

Our goal is to share our knowledge and provide you with simple and effective solutions for all your leather needs.

Write us, call us, give us a shout with your questions, suggestions and ideas! We need your insight to serve you better!


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