Black Jacket Leather Color Restorer

$ 22.95

A unique One-Step solution to revitalize old, worn out, faded and scuffed up black leather. Make your favorite leather jacket or purse look as good as new!

Don't feel like you need to send your favorite jacket or purse to Goodwill or even throw it away. Scuffs and stains don't matter, fading does not matter - What matters is that your black leather can look brand new and you can do it! The process is simple, fast and provides stunning results.

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Here is what our customers say:

UrbanAesthetic: I buy, restore, and resell leather products (mostly purses) so I use Black Jacket almost every day. It's a wonder product! It dyes and restores sheen to leather regardless of how worn or old it is. One bottle lasts me about 6 large purses, so it's quite affordable for how much use you get out of it. I clean my leather (if it needs it), wait for it to dry, then apply Black Jacket the next day. I wait a day between coats (I usually use two coats on items that were not black originally. YES, this will dye other colors to black!) and then apply conditioner to heal and seal the leather. Boom, done. I couldn't run my business without this product. Viva la Black Jacket!

Kathy: I bought this to restore my beloved Coach purse and it worked great! I've used it on at least 10 purses since then. I collect purses and recondition them to sell for charity and this will stay in my bag of tools!

Drew: I looked everywhere for the best leather restorer to fix my car seats and this one had the best reviews, so I bought it. I was a little nervous because it is meant for clothes, not seats, but when I used it, all of my apprehension disappeared! The color exactly matched the original color of the seats and it covered up the scuffs perfectly. The coloring still hasn't rubbed off and it's been around a year since I bought this. I had bought another leather coloring kit, but this one is the best for black.

Van: This product works great. I had taken my black leather jacket to a few drycleaners to ask about redying it to get the scuff marks out, but nobody could really help. They wanted to send to a special leather manufacturer for a few weeks, and couldn't even give me a price. For around $20 this did the trick perfectly. So glad I saved the time and expense and got such a terrific result! Definitely recommend.

Lowry: Great product for my leather jacket that was starting to fade around the collar area. Worked great with the first application. I highly recommend this product.

And hundreds more from satisfied customers..

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